Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Valentine Mystery

We should have expected it. After all , we do pride ourselves as being intelligent people. For the last two weeks , there have been random deliveries to the cafe . Imagine our confusion as they were all addressed to Mr Copain,  We have two Mr Copain here, my husband Henri and his father , Jean Paul.
Opening the packages did not lend a clue as to whom the presents were intended. The first arrived about two weeks ago asking Mr Copain to be her Valentine in a bunch of a dozen red roses in a crystal vase. They are currently sitting on the counter on the corner by the window. Lovely present but the card came unsigned and did not say which Mr. Copain.
Last week,  there was this huge blue Teddy bear  propped up in a chair by the door holding a big red heart box of  chocolates. He came with a card. BE MINE VALENTINE! Again it was unsigned .  Neither of the gentlemen in question is admitting to knowledge of who the mystery person is. I am assuming that it is a woman.
This morning was the kicker. A bottle of red wine, a cd of romantic music , and a pair of women's panties size 5. There was a typewritten note inside saying that they would email instructions on where to meet them for Valentine's Day dinner the morning of Valentine's Day.
I look forward to learning who the mystery person is. And I make a promise to all of you who follow this blog, if its the wrong Mr Copain, I intend to have this person for dinner.
Speaking of which , we will be running a special limited menu for Valentine's Day. I expect to have it posted this week. I am just waiting for Henri to finalize it.
Bon soir et bon appetit,
Arina Copain
Office Manager.

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