Saturday, February 26, 2011

Did Anybody Think to Ask?

We are very fortunate that Sothwold CommunityParanormal and Science Fiction Book Club has chosen the Cafe as their meeting place on the third Wednesday of the month. As I am such a avid reader. Henri suggested that I participate.

The book for March is ,Blood Prophecy  by Stefan Petrucha. I picked it up at the library yesterday . The writing flows well but I have a problem with it. The protagonist is a vampire named Jeremiah Falls ,who, like Stephanie Meyer's Cullens feeds only from animals. I am tired of vegetarian vampires, they are so politically correct. When he won't eat whatever glop they have thrown together for him as a ship's prisoner, he feeds off the rats of the ship. Ugh! Public service has its limits! When he has the opportunity to have a decent meal in the form of a character named Saint-Hilaire, a government official under Napoleon, Jeremiah stops and asks the date because he is worried about the end of the world.

Now let's be practical about this. The average man has 10-12 pints of blood in his body and the average woman 8-10 pints. I wasn't able to find out how much blood the average rat hold but given the comparative body size, I would bet that it would take a heck of a lot of rats to make up the difference . In which case, the ship had, I believe, bigger problems than one vampire on board. Besides, I hate rats and would not want them for my dinner. There are much nicer things to have than rats. Like, say, chocolate ice cream?

Henri and I recently went to a food show in Nashville, TN . One of the vendors that exhibited was a local named Mike's Soda Fountain and Coffee Shop. Henri tried the Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream while I ate the Chocolate Overload. I wish that they would go national because the texture, the temperature, and blend of flavors was just perfect. Pricewise, they would be competitive with Haagen Das or Ben and Jerry's but are so much better . They have a store just a few blocks from the world famous Tootsie's bar on Broadway. Their shop is located at 208 Broadway in Nashville. Phone is 615-742-6453.

I like chocolate ice cream. No one ever feeds their vampires chocolate ice cream. Just an entree of rodents that the Human population didn't want anyway. Now, I ask you , is that polite? I mean no one even asks if the vampires would like some chocolate ice cream. Probably it wouldn't be high on their list but given the alternatives that most Humans offer most vampires in the printed and media world, its got to be up there.


  1. One of mine wanted a chocolate chip cookie with a bottle of their blood. Should I have given it to him? Just wondering.

  2. Hi, author here. Yeah, he sucks on rats, prefers bear, but just fyi, you've got the details wrong. Jeremiah is never a prisoner on a ship. He is held in a dungeon for several weeks, and forced to live off rats there.

  3. Lorelei,
    At least offer it to him. Let him figure out what to do with it.

    Hi Stefan,
    Still reading your book . It just seems to me that feeding off of rats is like drinking water from a tsp- not very satisfying or economical. Too much effort for too little return.

    I liked your description about the bear. You built a good case for Jeremiah being as he is.
    I just like my vamps to be vamps , not soulless creatures and not sparkling in the sun. Humans may not be the standard to which they should aspire.

    I think that morality like ability comes with you into the vampire world. You don't stop being a world class general and strategist (Vlad III) just because some Irishman lands you in a novel. (yes, I know Dr Miller disagrees about the link between character and 15th century Prince.)

    Most guests donot stay in dungeons which is why I thought that he was a prisoner.

    Your research in MA is excellant. ( I grew up in MA).

  4. Oh, I think I like this discussion. I'll come back and see what becomes of it.

    I'm having similar issues with Vampire Empire, but I'm going to read it through before I comment on the way the husband-wife team has done vampires in this.