Sunday, February 13, 2011

Okay, I will answer the Emails/Our Valentine's Dinner at Home

Two questions that I am frequently asked is do Henri and I eat at home , and who cooks. He loves to cook but I do cook at home . This is not the usual steak and potatoes that we eat but trying to outwit the master . I cannot bring frozen whip topping into the house - he claims that it tastes chemical to him as well as too sweet. Fortunate for me,  real whipped cream is easy to make.
This is Sunday and the cafe is closed. Both partners are prepping for tommorrow's Valentine's dinner as well as the truffles that have to be made. I am surprising His Nibs with dinner this evening . Research has taken me weeks. So here is the office manager's menu for Valentine's Day. I included sources for recipes.
Sangria real (Royal Sangria)
Crabmeat Crema Fresca (
Garlic Smeared Rosemary Roast Chicken ( loves garlic, so do I !)
Ramen Noodle Salad  (
Mango with Chocolate Meringue  (  Remember he bakes all day- cupcakes hold no appeal for him. He likes dessert with fruit or just fruit.
The garlic in the chicken is fine-we will both be eating it. I picked everything up the other day when I got called to temp in the accounting department of a law office where my Aunt was also temping. So I think my secret is safe so far.
Finish off the evening with some mulled wine, and its been chilly so I will light the fireplace, I think.
So not a word to Chef. Tommorrow is Valentine's Day and I can't wait to see who is the mystery Valentine .
Bon Soir et Bon Apetit,
Arina Copain
Office Manager


  1. Sounds great. I haven't a plan. Thought about brownie waffles with berries and whipping cream for dinner.