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Post Valentine Fun. The Compatibility Test Results:

We asked some of you who had to wait for a table on Valentine's Day to take a compatability test. ( If you could not join us- leave me a comment below and I will send you the website.) Its based on Numerology . In keep our promise to also take the test, I am posting the results . I think that they are fairly accurate.

"Rae, your Heart's Desire is 23/5
Freedom is essential for your happiness. You love change, new experiences,
meeting new people, adventure and travel. You love the exotic, far away places.
Variety is more than mere spice of life -- you thrive on it. You are extremely
flexible and adaptable. You have more curiosity than the proverbial cat. You
have a sharp mind and a natural ability with words. You are a born communicator,
clear, fluent, and imaginative in every area that interests you -- which are

Your Heart's Desire makes you very well equipped for life. Change -- the only
constant in life -- doesn't threaten you, as it does other people. You are
highly resourceful. Generally, you can think clearly in a crisis; you have good
mental and physical reflexes. Whenever you fall, you tend to land on your

You are highly enthusiastic. You get excited easily over a new idea or
opportunity. Your nature is unconventional. You are a bit of a gambler, taking
risks whenever you think the rewards are worth it.

You are very socially oriented and rarely, if ever, dull or boring. You are,
of course, drawn to those people who, like yourself, are original thinkers and
have exciting personalities.

You enjoy being involved in several projects at the same time. You need
continual stimulation by the new and fascinating. You tend to discard boring
pastimes quickly.

Your love of freedom and change can have numerous consequences. You can be
irresponsible, especially when it comes to finishing tasks. You have a hard time
persevering at a given project and bringing it to completion.

You must be careful that your love of sensory pleasure doesn't lead you to
excessive indulgence in alcohol, food, sex, and even drugs.

You are a bit of a hero and want to save the world. This causes you to make
promises you often cannot keep. Down deep, you long to please everyone, an
impossible goal.

Many 5s can be emotionally superficial. They feel love passionately, but fear
making deep and lasting commitments. As a result, they resist the depths of
emotional attachments and remain on the surface where it is safe.

You will experience many changes and unusual events, but you learn best
through experience. Therefore, your life will be full and you will make great
strides in personal growth

Henri, your Heart's Desire is 19/1
Your overpowering need is to be independent and to direct your own life
according to what you believe. Your dream is to become the leader of whatever
field you enter. Whether it is in business, community, or in your general area
of expertise, you are driven to be the reigning figure.

You have the courage and the confidence to lead others. You believe firmly
that your judgment is preeminent over all others. This gives you the confidence
to make bold decisions and carry them out, even when other lives are greatly
affected by what you do. You rarely look back once you have made a decision.

You possess intelligence and wit. You are keenly insightful and are good at
evaluating the abilities of others.

You are supremely individualistic. In your manner and dress, you like to
project your own unique persona.

Consequently, you don't mind being controversial, and can even enjoy the
attention and impact you have made on your surroundings.

You dislike routines, or anything that limits your freedom and

Whenever you commit to something you truly love, you are absolutely tenacious
in your ability to endure difficulties and overcome obstacles. You are highly
responsible; you hate passing the buck. You possess remarkable willpower and a
strong drive to succeed.

You are always looking for innovative ways of doing things.

Because you seek to be the boss in any endeavor, you have a tendency to
dominate others. If you are not careful, especially in dealing with your
subordinates and family, you may become ruthless in your decisions and behavior.
You can also fall victim to impatience and intolerance, particularly if you grow
conceited or superior.

You are the pioneer and the ground-breaker. You love the foreground, the
hot-seat of responsibility. You have all the talents to succeed. As long as you
maintain balance in your life, allowing others full expression of their thoughts
and abilities, you will easily rise to the top of your chosen field and realize
your ambitions.

Your Heart's Desire's compatibility is 5 and 1

The compatibility of these two numbers is about as good as it gets. There
will never be any danger of boredom, complacency, or emptiness in a relationship
that has heads turning and people whispering. Like wind and fire, the
personality traits in this combination can both create and destroy, but the one
and five feed on each other and respect each other's powers. They are like a
blacksmith and his anvil, and when they set out side by side to fulfill their
goals and dreams, nothing can withstand their combined forces. This is a
relationship of intensity and moments of rarely achieved highs, where the
promise of ecstatic experiences of love, spiritual bonding and shared dreams is
very real.

As with any number combination, dangers also hover over their heads.
Sometimes, undesired winds blow and forces turn - not so much against each other
as against their shared dreams. When that happens, their mutual influence
becomes destructive, turning a moderate, healthy need for variety, sensual
pleasure and adventures into a negative force.

As with all things in life, reaching up takes effort while sliding down is
only a matter of letting go. As long as the willingness to reach up and the
capacity to put forth effort and self-control exists for both henri and rae,
this can be a wonderful ride. But they should both always be on the alert - it
is not uncommon for this combination to pull each other down. When the partners
allow that to happen, they may end up involved with drugs, alcohol, sex,
food-addictions, laziness, or blaming the world for their misfortunes, and
blaming each other as a final result. Therefore, living this combination of
numbers can be compared to skating on thin ice.

rae, it is very important that you maintain focus on what you want out of
this life. Do not get distracted or seduced by the pleasures that are so easily
obtainable. Set high standards for yourself. In this relationship, Henri must
truly play the role of a captain on the ship, but not because rae is not
capable. As a matter of fact, Rae has more talents than you can shake a stick
at. However, Henri's energy is more directed and controlled, while Rae's is more
dynamic, more volatile - yet not in an aggressive way. Rae is impulsive,
responsive to the moment, less controlled and, for all that Rae is, therefore,
also vulnerable to being misguided. Keep in mind that too much adventurism can
be a dangerous thing.

While this is one of the most promising and long-lasting combinations, it is
also one that can take you both to the edge. Therefore, discipline and
moderation are the key words in this relationship."

Bon Soir et Bon Apetit,
Arina Copain
Office Manager

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