Sunday, April 17, 2011

Oodles and Noodles.

Color us curious. I ran across a blood scented perfume on the internet today which I have signed up for information where to find it. . Henri wondered how close it would come,. It comes in 4 scents A, B . AB and O . All of them are marked unisex.

It took 2 full seasons of True Blood to find out what the alleged blood substitute cost and I heard 2 different prices, $35 and $47 depending on venue. Personally , I think its exploitation. You would think if the Humans in the series were worried about bloodlust that the mark up would not be so high. HBO did manufacture/had manufactured some True Blood to sell- and online, it was about $7.00 per bottle for tangerine flavored soda . As neither of us drink...soda pop , we never tasted it. It didn't appeal.We won't be carrying it at the cafe.

If you have been following this blog, you know that I think Sheriff Eric is hot. Add actress Julie Bentz , formerly of Angel and Dexter , and I am really happy.  Alexander Johan Hjalmar SkarsgĂ„rd plays a suicidal drag queen (and he is a big guy totally dwarfing tiny Julie Bentz) in Kill your Darlings, a rather strange cult like film. I look forward to seeing more of his work.

Henri came up with a very decent sauce to go over cooked spaghetti consisting of hamburger, onions, green beans,black beans, corn and a mild Chipolte sauce. With all of the rainy cold weather that we have experianced , its good comfort food and very filling. It goes on the lunch menu next week. He has a few other ideas to try next weekend. When you sign on with a chef , it's love ,honor, respect and "Honey, try this..." Definately not for the unadventurous soul.

Talking about strange, Jean Paul has picked out a program for us to listen on Tuesday night, if we are not busy with customers. There is a lifestyle vampire , Corvius Nocturum going to be on internet radio . The information did not include time zone, maybe Eastern , more probably Central . I thought that I would pass this on in case anyone else might like a little something different. 
Vampire 101 with Corvis Nocturnum.
Time: 8:00PM Tuesday, April 19th .     Mr Nocturnum is the published author of Embracing the Darkness:Understanding Dark Subcultures and Allure of the Vampire, our sexual attraction to the Undead. (Perversely , I wonder if its too early in the year for Blood Oranges.)

So I will retreat to my Christine Feehan book - that's our Sunday this week.
Bon Soir et bon apetit ,
Arina Copain
Office Manager

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