Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Horrible Weather - Gee Its Nice to be Inside Watching Horror Movies

The Cape has been hit , early this year, with a series of storms that blew in from the ocean. It was prematurely warm the day before yesterday , before the day was out, thunderheads covered the sky . We closed early , no sane person would go out in such weather. Well, there was Mr. Volkey who came in just before we shut down, but he teaches at the high school. He is used to adverse conditions. We kept our power but I understand that 7,500 residents in neighboring towns did not. We do have a generator but then most long time people do here.
Henri had found a couple of new forms of entertainment , one of which are the short episodes of  something called Blood and Bone China. Its an astonishing good use of the Victorian model of vampire lit. The episodes are free and short (less than 10 mins each) .
He also got a movie called The Resident. I teased Chef that I knew it was a horror movie because Hillary Swank's kitchen in it was a mess, which wouldn't last with him. Its a Hammer film featuring Hillary Swank, Sir Christopher Lee and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.It is  majorly creepy and not exploitive, something that I would like to see more, hopefully , that is the new trend.
 Forget what you know about the old (pre bankruptcy) Hammer films that gave Sir Christopher Lee, Oliver Reed, Donald Sutherland , Joan Collins their start. This is a class act . Its got 3 more , that we have learned out there . Let Me In , which is a remake of Let the right one in. The latter is Swedish and wonderful, I had been hesitant to see the former. I think I will take a chance on it. The other 2 are Wake Wood and The Woman in Black.  They have bought up the old archive library from their predecessor and are offering informational videos on the costuming as well as cd's of the legacy(archive) soundtracks.
About the cafe, Katy came up with a wonderful idea, Pizza boats which are all of your favorite toppings ( and the cheese, I love cheese) in a hard roll. Henri has agreed that we can do samples next week to test it. Come by on Thursday or Friday to get a free sample
Bon Soir et Bon Apetit,
Arina Copain ,
Office Manager


  1. It's always fun to get cozy and watch movies or read when the weather is inclimate. Hope the sun shines soon where you are.

  2. I would settle for balmy nights , warm enough to use the beach .
    I am not much of a sunshine person and Chef, even less so.

    Thank you for the kind thought , though,