Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Confounded Confederates, Cajun to Come and Covert Customers

Okay, I am going to have to slap Bill Compton or, at the very least, tell him, "Sir, you are no gentleman!" Henri laughed at me , telling me that I should have seen that Sookie was being played. That girl really does have problems because she keeps taking him back. I wonder why her good friend ,Tara , doesn't trot the little darling over to the Bon Temps Mental Health Center, which is probably run by pod people from outer space. Dump the Confederate vet, Honey, he's a louse and go with the Viking. You know his intentions aren't good but the rebound sex has possiblities. If she get  turned, will her fairy blood still work or will it be processed like any other? Drinking the last bottle of Vintage Rothschild wine is a honor, a delight but also a regret as there isn't anymore after that one. One could spend their life looking for another without success. And we don't need any more vampires with angst , not even on tv. Have a little pride. Ann Rice's Louis whined through "Interview" and no one could mope like Barnabas Collins.

So what does this mean to the Cafe? Well, Chef is thinking of a Cajun Specials menu for the weekend of the start of the new season. I asked him to think up a fairy blood beverage which should be sparkling, and offset the spice of the food. I doubt gater tail would sell on Cape Cod but we have quahogs and those do sell. He has a couple of months (we were slow watching the last episodes due to previous commitments at night) to come up with an idea.

Our black notebooked audience is back. They observe, they huddle, they hardly speak if one of us are near. They are way too polite. Now that is something that one rarely gets to say. Way too polite in the sense of a mother asking her child what they are doing. And the child answering " Nothng, I love you Mommy." Its fake, its phony and , at times, downright creepy. Jean Paul asked me the other day if I had heard about them being at other restaurants. Not so far, but we can't figure out what attracted them to us. I don't know why but its almost feels like someone visiting a zoo or one of those old episodes of "Wild Kingdom."

Bon Soir et bon apetit,
Arina Copain,
Office Manager

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