Wednesday, September 21, 2011


If I seem a little down this evening, its because I am shocked. A lovely young couple , graduate students at Cranberry State College, suffered an invasion robbery today gone bad. Both Ben and his wife ,Daphne are dead. Daphne was expecting twins.They are also dead. I didn't know either one of them but their father is a friend of Jean Paul's . The family is devastated.

Ben worked at the local Walmart. The invaders did not know that he was there. They shot him when he opened the door. Sothwold is a small community . We are cautious but not paranoid here. After shooting him, they stuck a thick pointed wooden dowel into his chest cavity. I mean , who does that? The medical examiners think that this sent Daphne into premature labor. She gave birth to her children and took their lives away minutes later. She had fought with the invaders who slashed her with box cutters. It would have taken over ninety stitches to put her back together. She was too badly injured. She smothered both of her children rather than leave them to the mercy of the invaders. One of the intruders was so frustrated with her last act , that he slashed her throat -and still she hung on. She died in the hands of the campus police . She reportedly said that the second baby was easier to kill then died herself. The community is appalled by the act that sparked this. Daphne threw her dead babies out of an open window as she fought one last time.

The intruders fled and left the home  unrobbed. Henri and Jean Paul are meeting with the victims' families tonight so the cafe is closed. We gave Katy a paid day off  . I am going along for the ride. I don't know any of them , being the new kid to this life -but Henri didnot want me home alone. I don't think this is a good time to remind him that Daphne had not been home alone.

Our hearts go out to their families. Hopefully , i will have better news next time.

Lighting a candle for a positive light in four meaningless deaths,
Bon Soir,
Arina Copain,
Office Manager

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