Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thank you for checking back with us.

The lights have finally arrived at the cafe. Try and find workmen over the Christmas/Winter Solstice holidays. Every one is either out of town or involved in family . So it will be the first of the year before those beautiful hanging Tudor lights are up. But we are coming right along.
We really appreciate those of you who are local stopping by to see how we are coming. We are usually there in the late afternoon or early evening. The ovens are now operational . If we are here , we are giving free samples of muffins , some of which we will be offering. We would also be interested in your opinions of the free trade and organic coffees that we recently recieved. Remember , we are right at the corner of Whitman and Alcott. For the old customers that stopped by to say hi, I have it from Henri and Jean-Paul that they are not changing the dark coffee blend that they have used for years. All of the samples that we recently recieved were pronounced more of a Medium roast and therefore unacceptable.
The location on Route 58 is now closed. As Henri will be taking over the majority of the cooking , there will be menu changes. As soon as I am able to corner him, I will post the new menu . He is just a going in too many directions at this time.
My fault. We are in the process of moving into the flat downstairs from the cafe. My father in law has been very gracious about letting us stay with him. Things should move faster after I get us moved. But again, that involves cornering a portion of Chef's time.
Those who tried the dark and milk chocolate bacon souffles last week, thank you for your input. Henri was more satified with the darker version so it appears that will be added to the menu.
Bon Soir et Bon Appetit,
Arina Copin
Office Manager