Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year from Cafe Copain

I have heard so many drills this week that some days I think  I live in a dentist's office. But it was worse for about two weeks , just before the Solstice/Yule holidays when we had the case of the missing workmen. Nothing permanent just holiday-itis. Fortunately, my husband is a patient man and no one was laid off. The Tudor lights have been installed , and the stainless steel kitchen appliances have arrived. We should be facing our final inspection in two weeks. I had hoped to share the menu design this post but they have yet to arrive from the printer. Very graceful cover with Fleur de lys across the top. I admit that I am the new kid on the block ,(no relation to the band) and find this both nerve wrecking and exciting. But my father in law assures me that everything is under control, that they have moved before and it always takes longer than planned.

Arina Celeste Copain
Office Manager

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