Saturday, January 15, 2011

Excitement-Come see our cat cake.

I am glad that last week's Nor'Easters are behind us. Everything is in readiness for the cafe to open. The final inspection is on Tuesday. So there are no post holiday blahs around here.

Henri has been experimenting with some decorations for cupcakes. I swear that he can find ideas just about everywhere. I was impressed by the flower of the month idea . Its like an early Spring. He did a dummy cake for the window. Its a orange tabby cat sitting at a black upright piano as if he were playing it , there is a tuxedo cat sitting on top who is singing his little heart out. I will tell you a secret- if you look closely at the metronome on top, you will see two eyes. There is a mouse inside and when the mechanics move , you can see his tail keep the beat in time with the metronome. I think that he is planning to start the dummy cake up after the inspection so, do wander by and take a look

I learned something the hard way this week, as I said I am the new kid on the block. Did you know that you should not put good knives into the dishwasher? I didn't , and tried Henri's patience this week when I thought that I was helping. So I thought  I would share the information. It dulls and may damage the knives and may damage the silverware basket. I won't do it again . They were rescued in the nick of time.

Bon Soir,
Arina Copain
Office Manager

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